April 2018 Daily Vectors- "Whorl-d"
After a very successful March where I explored triangles I decided to do something completely different for April. On April 4th, I will have posted art every day for a year and have no plans to stop.

Something done in February 2018 was a collaboration week. I had had a bunch of conversations leading up to that and had a handful of people I wanted to work with and the logistics hadn't happened at the time. One of those was discussions with Remon Tijssen of Kinetic Asthetic about how to find a way to merge my art with his app, Whorl.

This month I will explore combining the output of a custom build of the Whorl app with my own vector elements. Should be a fun experiment.
1 April 2018- Whorl custom initials shape + Concentric vector circle pattern
2 April 2018- Whorl Vesica Piscis shape + various zig zag vector lines that are rotated and duplicated + Shadow blends
3 April 2018- Whorl Square Spiral (x2) + Blended lines
4 April 2018- Whorl wave shape + Blended color line groups + line extensions +shadows
5 April 2018- Whorl sideways S shape, tiled + Blended lines + masks + shadows
6 April 2018- Whorl dual angle shape + Blended lines
7 April 2018- Whorl double square shape + mask edit + Blended lines + zig zag + shadows
8 April 2018- Whorl thin L shape + Blended rounded squares + blended lines
9 April 2018- Whorl egg shape + zig zag (rounded + offset) lines + blend shadows
10 April 2018- Whorl cylinder + curved lines + blend shadows
11 April 2018- Whorl thin angle style + angled color blends + blend clouds
12 April 2018- Whorl triple loop shape + blended hexagons with twist + duplicated curves
13 April 2018- Whorl kite and multi-line shape + Grid background + blend gradients
14 April 2018- Whorl curve x2 + blend lines + zig zag + dashed lines
15 April 2018- Whorl oval + blended diamonds + duplication + blend shadows
16 April 2018- Whorl pinched torus + rotated and duplicated +concentric circles + curves
17 April 2018- Whorl zig zag (masked) +diagonal line blend + hatched line shadows
18 April 2018- Whorl concave star shape (masked) + vertical line blend + duplication
19 April 2018- Whorl rounded diamond shape (masked) + black and white stripes + hatch shadow
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