August 2017 Daily art- 'Vector the Rainbow'

August 2017 daily art with the theme 'Vector the Rainbow'

With July's 'Follow the Path' theme done, I crowdsourced the theme for August. Overall, most responses were in the vein of "color!, give us some color!" So I am obliging. The theme this month is 'Vector the Rainbow' and while that seems like a simple change from my (mostly) black and white designs, it adds a whole new layer to consider while designing.

I hope you enjoy!
2017.8.1- Red1- Partial hexagons+shadows+lines
2017.8.2- Red2- Pentagon+rotation+shadows+distorted line background
2017.8.3- Red3- organic lines blended+shadows+masking
2017.8.4- Red4- Circle w/Blend shadows/highlights+Curves Blended+Blended grid+shadows
2017.8.5- RedToOrange- Lines configured as cubes+halftones+shadows
2017.8.6- Orange1- Tapered lines+zig zag+concentric circles+shadows
2017.8.7- Orange2- Lines+Taper+zig zag+shadow effect
2017.8.8- Orange3- Ovals (blended)+Lines (blended)+Shadow Effect
2017.8.9- Orange4- Hexagon blended to reshaped circle + lines (blended) + Square to Oval blended with zig zag effect +Shadow Effect
2017.8.10- OrangeToYellow- Listening to lots of Synthwave+blended sets of lines+zig zag filter+roughened lines
2017.8.11- Yellow1- Background lines (blended)+Octogon (Blended)+Shadows
2017.8.12- Yellow2- Lines (blended)+Shadow bend effects+duplication
2017.8.13- Yellow3- Tapered Lines (blended) w/spine replaced with circle path+Duplication and rotation+black lines blended w/offset
2017.8.14- YellowToGreen- Squares+Two Colors+Blend+Transform(Rotation)
2017.8.15- Green1- Angled lines Blended to grid+Thick and thin line blended+Half ovals blended+FM halftone
2017.8.16- Green2- Hexagon quartered and blended+blended lines+shadows
2017.8.17- Green3- Concentric circles+Zig zag smoothed+shadow blend effects
2017.8.17- GreenToBlue- Semi-Circles, blended and offset+Duplicated+color steps+Blend shadows
2017.8.19- Blue1- Lines (blended)+skew+shadow blends+duplication
2017.8.20- Blue2- Organic line rotated and duplicated+circle blended with hexagon+shadows blend
2017.8.21- Blue3- Triangle rotated and duplicated+Inverted and lightened+Shadow blend+scale and rotate
2017.8.22- BlueToIndigo- Blue and Indigo circles blended, duplicated and alternated+blended squares with pucker effect 
2017.8.23- Indigo1- Lines blended and duplicated w/offset+zig zag effect expanded+blend highlight_shadow blend 
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