In October, John decided to plan a large collaboration project that would have a bunch of art from a bunch of people from different backgrounds. When talking out the project with Jessie and trying to figure out what to create, they settled on something that appealed to their geeky natures.

Jessie went to work on some Black Panther vector portraits in Adobe Illustrator Draw on her iPad Pro. Once finished she passed the files along to John who worked in Adobe Illustrator to create the Black & White OpArt inspired background pattern combining traditional  as well as futuristic styles.
The original exports from Jessie's iPad Pro in Adobe Illustrator Draw
The full patterned background created in Adobe Illustrator
Black Panther and T'Challa vector portrait diptych- Created by Jessie Young and John Harman
Black Panther & T'Challa vector portrait full version showing vector outlines
Tweets and mentions by Adobe, February 2018. Thanks Adobe!
A really fun piece to work on together. Thank you for checking it out!

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