So on April 20th 2014, I made a post stating that I needed to challenge myself to do more creation and began the next day. The last time I did this, I stuck with it for a while but ultimately life took over and I gave up. this time was different, this time I was driven to make that post every day, and to explore things that I hadn't fully explored.

Here we are 100 days and 100 creations later (to be honest, some were updates and expansions of previous designs, so not 100 total designs). I feel good. I found a rhythm and found a few new styles that I had fun doing.

I have had great support from everyone here, and a lot of new interest in my work on all the various sites I posted things up to. I thank each and every one of you here for sticking with me. I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for those likes and comments.

This also gave me an opportunity to revise and revamp how I push my designs out and where they are shown. I built my portfolio on Behance and moved my domain over there shortly after. I am building a menu for commissions and have started on some freelancing here and there (and happy to accept more).
I plan on continuing to make, just not to the same tempo as before (more than a hour or two to do art!? Unheard of). 

My plan, upon returning from vacation in a few weeks, is to do a design a week. That will give me a chance to conceptualize and plan out a design and work on some drafts, of course that depends on whatever workload I might have going on the time.

Again, thank you all! Keep an eye here for updates and status of adding new items on my shop (so you all can buy things) and spread the word, thanks!
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