My 8-year-old has gotten really into Pokemon lately and like all good parents who love Anime, I embraced it. Playing the game on my 3DS, watching the back catalog of the show on Netflix and buying each of us a deck of cards was just the beginning. Now it has invaded my daily art. I posted my Pikachu Electric Blast in another project, but wanted to start this one to show what I come up in the Polygon designs.
Charmander Polygon- 2014
Charmander Polygon (Close Up)- 2014
Charmander Polygon (outlines)- 2014
Pikachu Polygon- 2014
Pikachu Polygon (Close Up)- 2014
Pikachu Polygon (Outlines)- 2014
Pokemon Polygon (Background)- 2014
Squirtle Polygon- Adobe Illustrator- 2014
Squirtle Polygon (outlines)- Adobe Illustrator- 2014
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