The theme that I decided on for September is titled SSSeptemeber. The SSS stands for Stripes,Shapes & Shadows. This style was used a few times during my 100 day project and have been, by far, my most popular style.
2017.9.1- Blended line background+S shapes blended and matched up to background+blend shadows
2017.9.2- Blended line background+Triangles blended+blend shadows+duplication
2017.9.3- Blended line background (45°)+Blended octagons+Transform+breaking blend+edit+blend shadows
2017.9.4- Blended line background (45°)+Blended curves+blend shadows+duplicate+move
2017.9.5- Blended line background+Astute Width stamp(circular spiral)+duplicate+mirror+blend shadows
2017.9.6- Blended line background+oval cut in half+duplicated and scaled+anchor points reflected+blend+blend shadows
2017.9.7- Blended line background (45°)+ blended lines duplicated and rotated + expanded and square spiral created + blend shadow
2017.9.8- Blended line background (45°)+blended lines+zig zag effect+blend shadows+duplication and adjustment
2017.9.9- Blended line background+blended circles+anchor point addition and move+blend shadows
2017.9.10- Blended line background+square+pathfinder+deletion and replace+blend shadow+tapered lines
2017.9.11- Blended line background (45°)+semi-circles blended+blend shadows
2017.9.12- Blended line background (45°)+triangles+offset and blend+blend shadows
2017.9.13- Blended line background+circles blended+duplicate and mirror+blend shadows
2017.9.14- Blended line background+hexagon+blend lines+join path+blend shadows
2017.9.15- Blended line background (45°)+circle blended and divided+removal of sections+blend shadows
2017.9.16- Blended line background (45°)+zig zag+hexadecagons+pathfinder remove front+blend shadows
2017.9.17- Blended line background+octagon blend+rotation+break and connect+blend shadow
2017.9.18- Blended line background+circle cutout+join path+width tool+blend shadow
2017.9.19- Blended line background (45°)+blended lines+duplication+move+blend shadows
2017.9.20- Blended line background (45°)+blended stars+blended radial lines+blend shadows
2017.9.21- Blended line background+blended semi-circles+blend shadow+duplication+move
2017.9.22- Blended line background+blended semi-circles+blend shadow+duplication+rotation+scaling
2017.9.23- Blended line background (45°)+quarter circles blended and joined+blend shadows+duplication
2017.9.24- Blended line background (45°)+blended semi-circle+zig zag effect+blend shadow+duplicate & rotate
2017.9.25- Blended line background+blended circles+blended semi-circles+blend shadows
2017.9.26- Blended line background+blended angles+blend shadows+duplication+move
2017.9.27- Blended line background (45°)+blended circle+blended semicircle+ blend shadows+duplicate+rotate
2017.9.28- Blended line background (45°)+blended right angles+blend shadow+duplicate+move+rotate+scale
2017.9.29- Blended line background+oval blended+blended lines w/zig zag+blend shadow+masking
2017.9.30- Blended line background+hexagon+pathfinder divide+blend lines+path join+CMYK

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