This is a collection of all of the random designs I have done over the course of 2019. I will give a little context for each section or month to tell the story of how I explored various effects and styles throughout the year
These few designs were ones done on the tail end of finishing up my 100 days and were mostly about maintaining momentum even if I wasn't making daily designs. Exploring simple blends and effects to draw the eye.
This month I started to explore what next steps I could take with the simple blends. I started taking those basic effect designs and masking them off in interesting ways with and without borders to enhance the stark nature of the designs.
Throughout June, I found that I enjoyed the exploration of the basic masked blends and added in some radial designs in the same, often circular, space and used some red and blue highlights to enhance the visual effects that I was already seeing in places.
I started off in July doing more variants of the simple blends with the masked circles, this time with a black background. I switched up and laid down a few of the "stripes and shapes" style after posting up my throwback to 2017 that first week and enjoyed trying out a few new ideas and then got a few ideas for radial repeating designs that I had to explore. 
This month was a bit of a mixed bag. I didn't do as many designs as I had been doing in the weeks before and I was also a little bit all over the places with each design as I was trying out techniques. Notably, this month had one of the few colorful designs outside of my January theme.
I found my tempo again in September. There is still some jumping around in style, but I was creating regularly again and was testing out some new techniques that I had come up with. I had also found that I had a bit more time so started spending a little longer on some of these and adding complexity in places.
Here is probably where I hit my stride for the year. There are repeating patterns, radial repetitions, continuous line elements and I had started on a few technique explorations that would carry on for the rest of the year. Most specifically that organically reconnected lines filling cut out shapes.
I love these. The initial idea was born out of using the Astute Graphics Subscribe plug-in's connect tool to create a few designs over the past years where I made those organic curves, but this time I combined that with a scaling step so I was generally cutting out shapes of a set of lines and then scaling down that cut out section and then reconnecting them in different ways. I am working on some micro tutorials that show how I do these designs.
Here we are at the end of the year. I have continued the style that I started back in November with some different setups, but still scaling  and connecting is the overall theme. I enjoy figuring out how to take this one technique and use it with a number of different shapes and placements to create new things.
Thanks for joining me on this journey and look forward to sharing more in 2020!

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