In Riga, Latvia, there is a sizable part of town that was built up during the art nouveau movement. There are a ton of fascinating faces, shapes, and creatures gracing these buildings (or so I have been told and see in pictures, I have not had the chance to visit).

In researching the area for an upcoming print project, I found a few pictures of this green man face on a hotel and it just called to me to create a vector line illustration for that project and also gave me the opportunity to try out some new techniques.
Green Man Vector Line illustration (Black and White)
Close- up view of parts of the design to show details.
All of the lines on the figure are either solid lines or dashed lines which were then blended together using the blend tool. The effect of blending a dashed line with a solid line or one that had a different dash setting give the hatching effect.
Green Man Vector Line illustration (Green Variant)
Due to a small problem blending lines of different weights, profile shapes, and dash settingsĀ in Illustrator that causes the lines between the originals to lose any proflie shape, I would then expand the blend and reapply the taper profile.
Print Mocku-up

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