Since finishing up my daily design series, I have taken a break and worked on a few other things. I have been posting occasional designs to my social platforms, but those have been sporadic at best. I don't know how many of these I will do, but it will be at least a mini-series.

Rules: Keep the hexagon shape the same and design around that.
2018.Cubed- August.28.2018
2018.Cubed- August.29.2018
2018.Cubed- August.30.2018
2018.Cubed- August.31.2018
2018.Cubed- Sept.1.2018
2018.Cubed- Sept.2.2018
2018.Cubed- Sept.24.2018
2018.Cubed- Sept.25.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.01.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.03.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.15.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.22.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.25.2018
2018.Cubed- Oct.29.2018
2018.Cubed- Nov.4.2018
2018.Cubed- Nov.9.2018
2018.Cubed- Nov.12.2018
2018.Cubed- Nov.14.2018
2018.Cubed- Nov.21.2018

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