A non-starter game design group. Did the logo and a few assets for a couple game concepts.
Another game development group concept logo. This was just one of the names for the team that were thrown around.
This is a logo for the title that the above group was working on.
A geek review blog that I owned and ran for awhile some time back. Still have the domain and will likely use it somewhere eventually.
This is a logo that I used for a daily merch site concept that I was working on. I still have it on my list of things to do.
Some concept logo designs for a friends business.
This is some concept designs for a multiverse story that I am working on...for years.
I seem to make a lot of game design group logos that stem from random conversations with my friends...this is one of the same.
During the GDC (Game Developer Confrence)- There are parties, a group of engenious developers started planning some time before a confrence a few years back and tasked me with making various logos. this was one for Hollywood and Games.

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